Sunday, April 11, 2010

brutal beauty buzz

So right now I'm just going to add a few!

I dunno about anyone else, but I get hair in some...unwanted places.  So this is where the word "brutal" from the word title!  Haha!  I get some hair on my upper lip and NO girl wants a 'stache!  And even WORSE, when I wax it, I get little whiteheads!!  So bye bye hair 'stache, hello zit 'stache!


But finally I found a solution!  SMOOTH AWAY!  See that little guy?  The little version of the one for your legs?  It's AWESOME for smoothing away upper lip hair!  No zits pop up!  It gets rid of *most* of the hair.

So what do I mean by most?  It doesn't really work well with thick, coarse hairs (like the ones on your leg).  So if you want to use it on your legs, it's more of a maintenance thing rather than an "oh crap I forgot to shave the last 5 days!" 

That's probably why it works so perfect for upper lip hair.  Which is TOTALLY perfect for me, because that's all I really need it for!

BOTTOM LINE:  It works well for places where fine hair grows (arms, thighs, face) but it's not perfect.  And doesn't really work well at all for leg hair unless you are using it like every other day between shaves.

Blurb # 2...GO!

One of my favorite things to do with my nails is a wet glaze.  My favorite thing about this stuff is that it has amazing staying power (and it's cheap).  The pros of using a wet glaze is that it's easy, and you can't tell when it chips, and it matches everything.  So if you're going on vacation (you probably don't do your nails on you?) or if you just don't like to spend that much time on your nails, this stuff is perfect.

The thing that's also really awesome about it is that even though it's clear it has a slight pink hue to it.  The slight tint is JUST enough to make the nail plate (the part that is skin colored) look more vibrate.  It's not pink enough to make the white tips look pink, so your nails end up having a dewy, sharp white/pink contrast.  Lazy girl's paradise!

NINA PRO WET GLAZE:  Available at Sally's for ~4 bucks.  Sticker on the top reads "Nina Ultra Pro 709 096 WET GLAZE"

SMOOTH AWAY:  Available at some super markets and Bed Bath and Beyond.  I believe it usually runs 10 bucks.

That's all for now folks! 

Upcoming reviews:  Origins GinZing; under eye cream to brighten and depuff.  Eyelash mascara/growth serum duo.  I'm forgetting the name right now.