Thursday, August 26, 2010

too lazy to moisturize?

Here's a quick tip!  Moisturizing within 5 min after you get out of the shower is the absolute best time to moisturize your skin!  Your skin will be nice and hydrated, and more of the dead skin sittin on your skin's surface will be gone, so the living layers are much more exposed to the applied moisture.  Plus, if you take hot showers, the skins pores open up more, allowing moisture to get all up in that skin!  Hehe.

Sooo...sometimes I get too lazy to rub all that lotion in and I just want something quick.  So here's a tip that I'd like to share with you, in case you ever have days like me!  You could also do it during the day when you want some light moisture, but don't want to leave yourself feeling all coated in lotion.

Get a spritzer bottle.  You can get this at Sally, OR what I do is recycle, and I reuse an empty body spray like the kind you get at Bath and Body Works or Victoria's Secret.  Here's an idea...has anyone ever given you a body spray that you don't really like the smell of?  Get rid of it and use the bottle for this!  It's just one step!

1.  Take your empty bottle, and fill it halfway with water (I like to use purified water, since it's part of a mix).  Then add an amount of your favorite lotion that would be about 1/8-1/4 of the bottle.  Shake shake shake!  Alter the ratio of lotion to water to change how much of the lotion you want to apply to your skin.

That's it!  Always shake it before you use it, because it WILL separate.  You could also mix water, unscented lotion (like Cetaphil), and essential oils (the kind you find at the organic store) OR your favorite perfume to create your own custom body spray, minus all the weird ingredients that come with store bought stuff.  So anyway, grab it and spray away, and all it takes is a quick rub (sometimes, I don't even do that!), and you're done!

side tip:  applying essential oils to your skin will cause the scent to last longer, and it will come out more through the day if you sweat (ie; making you smell pretty when you're sweaty) because it's a very pure form of oil, and it's able to seep into your skin and release throughout the day.  always try one type on each palm, and wait a day (or at least 20-30 min) to see how the scent of the oil mixes with your own natural smell.

If you try it...please let me know if you love it!  Your feedback keeps me blogging!  :))

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Hair care tips!

Obviously, the best way to have seriously healthy hair is to never color, straighten, curl, or dry it.  But...seriously?  That's like telling Citizen 80's not to get that afro's just not gonna work that way.

Do you guys ever feel like that shampoo/conditioner that you're using, that you really liked at first, just stopped working?  Have you heard the myth that your hair gets used to a shampoo/conditioner?  Well..notice I said MYTH, because it's not likely.  I mean, come on, your hair is dead.  It doesn't have memory.  So what's happening?

BUILDUP is happening!  With all these shampoos and conditioners that claim to "smooth" or "moisturize", etc, how could it NOT leave stuff on your hair?  Of course, your actual strands of hair are really small, so there's really only so much product that your hair can truly absorb.  And if there's a lot of product buildup covering the strands, the hair can't absorb anything more.  So of course, that's where feeling like your products are no longer working comes into the picture.  But relax!  There is a cheap solution:

Paul Mitchell Shampoo One.  It's cheap.  I got a travel size at Ulta for $3, but you can find it really anywhere, I snagged this image from  This is a purifying shampoo that was recommended to me by my stylist, and I have to say one thing, it smells delicious!  Like coconut suntan lotion!  YUM!  Anyhow, I was instructed to use it once a week and I have to be honest, it really works, the theory is true.   I really, really felt like my products worked just like they did when I first started using them!  I would definitely recommend that you incorporate this into your regime!

The only downside is for me, personally, is that I eliminated sulfates from my hair care, just because sulfates are really harsh cleansers and I find that the harsher cleansers tend to make my hair more oily.  This problem was significantly less severe once I stopped using shampoos with sulfates.  This shampoo has sulfates though, and using it once a week isn't enough time between shampoos to give my hair time to re-balance.  It may be a good idea for someone like me to use it every two weeks, or once a month, or just on the lengths of one's hair.

I have one more tip!  And that is...well hopefully you are rinsing your conditioner LAST thing before you get out of the shower.  Assuming you are, rinse your hair with lukewarm water.  This will force the pores on your hair to close, sealing in all the moisture from the conditioner you are rinsing.

I've been doing all these things since my last haircut, and I have to say the little things truly make a difference.  Please try my tips, and let me know how they work for you!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Green tea mask?!

Hello women of my beauty buzz world!

I decided to make an announcement!  I'm going to be trying the following mask/toner for a month and posting my experience early September!  I'll be using it 3x a week.

Here's the link:

JUST to be clear!!  This is not my creation, it belongs to BubzBeauty of YouTube.  But I thought it would be useful to review it!  Back in my days before I found out Aspartame makes me break out like CRAZY, I used to use an aspirin/honey mask.  I loved the way it helped my face feel, but I suspected it was making me break out, since I had this natural aversion to moisturizing products since my face is oily already.  I never, ever suspected it would be my Diet Coke habit that was making me break out, and NOT the moisturizers.

So long story short, after quitting Diet Coke, I decided to give this mask a try!  Because, it's really natural and easy, and the star ingredient, apple cider vinegar, has NUMEROUS health benefits!  I totally buy into the fact that it could help with acne when applied topically because of everything I've read about it!

Anyhow, feel free to join me on this journey, try it along with me, and review it!  Or just wait until I review it :)