Saturday, March 20, 2010

Thanks for your guys feedback!!

I know it's a little late...but today I'm going to review the Joico Kpak hair treatment.

The Theory:
We all know that when hair becomes damaged it becomes weak.  Over time (and temperatures!) the hairs become uneven causing the hair shaft to be thinner in some places than others, thus making it more suceptible to breakage.  The damage hair will FEEL rough as well!  These are the FACTS about damaged hair. is made up of proteins, one of the main ones called Keratin.  This is where the Joico Kpak comes in!  Joico developed a blend of Keratin, silicon, and vitamin E with the idea that the Keratin will "fill in the holes", vitamin E will nourish, and silicon will seal all that stuff in and give an extra smooth feel to it.

The Verdict:
Does it work!?  On a scientific level, I can't tell you.  I don't own a microscope, nor do I own a hair protein density tester.  On a personal level...YES!  I could tell after the first time I used it when my hair was drying it had a satiny feel to it.  Over time, the product has changed my hair a LOT.  It doesn't leave my hair feeling greasy, nor overdryed.  If I let my hair airdry, it's much more calm and less frizzy (which SHOULD be a characteristic of uniformly dense hair strands....right?!) and if I straighten, the hair has a nice healthy feel to it.  I would HIGHLY recommend this product!

The's pricey.  HOWEVER!  The travel size will run you about 20 dollars and last about...3 weeks to a month if you're washing your hair approximately every other day (you shouldn't wash your hair every day anyways :).  I spent 40 dollars on a package at a salon that contained a liter of shampoo, a liter of conditioner, and the Deep Reconstruct treatment.  That's not too bad considering how long a liter will last you!  maybe 4 months or so? put it in perspective, that's like spending 5 dollars a month on hair products.  Sacrifice one latte or meal at McDonald's.  Not a big deal right?!  And...if you don't want the reconstruct, salons will ever so often put the liters on half off, so it would run about 15 dollars for a liter.  TIP: if you buy from a salon, always SHAKE the bottle and made sure it's not watery!  I've actually encountered that TWICE now!

If there's any interest I'll post about how to get the most from your Kpak :)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Where to begin?!

Hi readers!  In light of considering starting reviews/tutorials on YouTube, I decided to kick things off with a BLOG!  My purpose is to get some of my beauty knowledge out there!  I'll probably end up making some videos in the future....but in the meantime I'm just going to start blogging!

For my first blog (this one doesn't count :) I'm going to be reviewing the Joico Kpak hair products.  This particular line by Joico claims to repair and restore damaged hair.  Look for that to come sometime tomorrow :)

 Second...I want to know what YOU guys want to read about!  So here are a few options:

- My eye makeup MUST HAVES
- Leave in hair care products/heat protection products
- Straighteners (What to look for in a good straightener/product review)

Of course suggestions are welcome too!  So let me know what YOU guys want to see in upcoming blogs!