Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Oh wherrreee is my HAIRBRUSH!

Hi girls!  This is crazy huh, two beauty blogs so close together!  Anyhow I have a special review today that I'm really excited to share with you because I have high hopes that you guys will find it useful!  Before I show you guys the exact product, let's talk paddle brushes!  (That kinda gives it IS a paddle brush :)

Paddle brushes are used to create a smooth, sleek style (especially for longer hair, but it works well for short hair too).  It's good for curly/wavy or coarse hair, because the "paddle" is so much larger than a regular brush.  So when you run it through the hair with your blowdryer, the hair is drying against a FLAT surface, and it has less opportunity to fly all over the place from the force of the air.  Some would argue that it's not for layered hair because layers are for VOLUME and the paddle brush would strip it away.  Well....if you have a lot of hair, you don't really need to worry about stripping away volume, and sometimes you don't really want a lot of volume around the lengths of your hair.  To some of us (me) it's more important in the roots!  So I use a root lifting mousse (Big Sexy Hair can get this anywhere.  I got mine at Nordstrom Rack for 10 dollars), and I make sure that when I dry the roots of my hair, I lift UP with the paddle brush.

So about the brush (I|M Tourmaline Ceramic Paddle):  See that metal looking base?  It's tourmaline ceramic!  And it's like many other paddle brushes, lurking below the ceramic surface, the bristles are attached to an flexy convex rubber piece (so if you press the bristles against your head, it WILL give).

This brush worked REALLY well.  What else can I say?  So I'll let you see for yourself; the pic I took was IMMEDIATELY after finishing drying my hair with NO flat iron applied!  It's not perfect, but it's a LOT less frizzy than using any other method to dry it!  Plus, I dried it with my head upside down (which created a lot more volume).

Right now it's still on clearance at ULTA (for $9.99 it's $30 on the manufacturer website!)

And if you want to google it..look for IMStudios :)

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  1. Wow it sounds really good! Somehow I can't see the picture though :(