Sunday, August 8, 2010

Green tea mask?!

Hello women of my beauty buzz world!

I decided to make an announcement!  I'm going to be trying the following mask/toner for a month and posting my experience early September!  I'll be using it 3x a week.

Here's the link:

JUST to be clear!!  This is not my creation, it belongs to BubzBeauty of YouTube.  But I thought it would be useful to review it!  Back in my days before I found out Aspartame makes me break out like CRAZY, I used to use an aspirin/honey mask.  I loved the way it helped my face feel, but I suspected it was making me break out, since I had this natural aversion to moisturizing products since my face is oily already.  I never, ever suspected it would be my Diet Coke habit that was making me break out, and NOT the moisturizers.

So long story short, after quitting Diet Coke, I decided to give this mask a try!  Because, it's really natural and easy, and the star ingredient, apple cider vinegar, has NUMEROUS health benefits!  I totally buy into the fact that it could help with acne when applied topically because of everything I've read about it!

Anyhow, feel free to join me on this journey, try it along with me, and review it!  Or just wait until I review it :)

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  1. What are the benefits of apple cider vinegar!? Do tell! I should try this mask!