Thursday, August 26, 2010

too lazy to moisturize?

Here's a quick tip!  Moisturizing within 5 min after you get out of the shower is the absolute best time to moisturize your skin!  Your skin will be nice and hydrated, and more of the dead skin sittin on your skin's surface will be gone, so the living layers are much more exposed to the applied moisture.  Plus, if you take hot showers, the skins pores open up more, allowing moisture to get all up in that skin!  Hehe.

Sooo...sometimes I get too lazy to rub all that lotion in and I just want something quick.  So here's a tip that I'd like to share with you, in case you ever have days like me!  You could also do it during the day when you want some light moisture, but don't want to leave yourself feeling all coated in lotion.

Get a spritzer bottle.  You can get this at Sally, OR what I do is recycle, and I reuse an empty body spray like the kind you get at Bath and Body Works or Victoria's Secret.  Here's an idea...has anyone ever given you a body spray that you don't really like the smell of?  Get rid of it and use the bottle for this!  It's just one step!

1.  Take your empty bottle, and fill it halfway with water (I like to use purified water, since it's part of a mix).  Then add an amount of your favorite lotion that would be about 1/8-1/4 of the bottle.  Shake shake shake!  Alter the ratio of lotion to water to change how much of the lotion you want to apply to your skin.

That's it!  Always shake it before you use it, because it WILL separate.  You could also mix water, unscented lotion (like Cetaphil), and essential oils (the kind you find at the organic store) OR your favorite perfume to create your own custom body spray, minus all the weird ingredients that come with store bought stuff.  So anyway, grab it and spray away, and all it takes is a quick rub (sometimes, I don't even do that!), and you're done!

side tip:  applying essential oils to your skin will cause the scent to last longer, and it will come out more through the day if you sweat (ie; making you smell pretty when you're sweaty) because it's a very pure form of oil, and it's able to seep into your skin and release throughout the day.  always try one type on each palm, and wait a day (or at least 20-30 min) to see how the scent of the oil mixes with your own natural smell.

If you try it...please let me know if you love it!  Your feedback keeps me blogging!  :))